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What do we do?

We provide 7-, 8- and 9-figure DTC brands with 'Polarity Ad Creatives', so they can sustainably lower their CPA, increase their media budgets and profitably win new-to-brand customer.

Creative ArbitrageTM

Our Creative ArbitrageTM is our internal analysis tool thats sees beyond ad account data. Think creative fatigue, prospecting efficiency and much more.

Polarity Ad Creatives

Guided by Creative ArbitrageTM insights we are able to craft 'Polarity Ad Creatives' that can penetrate underserved audiences in the ad ecosystem.


Think of these underserved audiences as new customer 'blue oceans' within your TAM - low CPM, low CPA, high scale.

Our secret weapon - Creative ArbitrageTM

Cutting-edge creative analysis to find underserved audiences and maximize new customers
Our Creative Arbitrage analysis software allows us to craft winning creatives with low creative fatigue that go after underserved audiences.
Tested on DTC brands spending between $500 - $50,000 per day, we have seen (on average) a 43% reduction in CPA after the first month while finding winning creatives 5x faster than traditional agencies.

Battle Tested

Over the last four years we helped various DTC brands experience growth they deemed 'impossible'.

Ritual Zero Proof


$3,000 to $40,000 Daily Ad Spend

Ritual Zero Proof is America's #1 non-alcoholic spirit and delights with premium liquor replacements that make any mocktail a highlight.

Before: Unable to quickly test creatives & scale account effectively

After: Scaling from $3,000 to $40,000 daily ad spend & hitting record months

Ritual Zero Proof
Ad spend
Ad Spend Per Day
Ads launched in 1 Month

Grown Brilliance


30% Lower CPA While Spending Over $1M A Month

Grown Brilliance is a pioneer in the lab-grown diamond market and helps couples get their dream ring.

Before: Battling with rising CPAs and issue reaching new-to-brand customers

After: Receiving creatives on a weekly basis that outperformed account by 30%

Grown Brilliance
Cost Per Action
CPA vs Ad Account
Creative Fatigue

Spized Sportswear


First $1M Revenue Month In Pre-Season

Spized sportswear enables athletes and teams to design their own, 100% custom sportswear.

Before: No scalable creatives & ad account

After: Effective internal creative process & $100k revenue days

Spized Sportswear
Ad spend
Revenue Per month
Revenue Days



$49,000 to $550,000 a Month In 6 Months

BoneItUp helps dog parents create healthy and wholesome treats for their furry friends - easy & quick at home.

Before: Couldn't scale profitably past $100k/m

After: 400+ New customers per day and growing from $50k to $550k a month

Ad spend
Revenue in 30 Days
Higher Facebook ROAS

Don’t take our word for it

There is nothing we care more about than performance and client satisfaction - read below what partners think of us.
Joshua Sherman
Marketing Director @ Grown Brilliance

"Thank you for a great partnership this year. It's been great to see how well we have done with the creative we have worked on together."

CMO @ Pebblebee

"Arbitrage knows the tools of the trade. Efficient, eyes on the key metric, and provide a lot of value within a modest budget. Highly recommended!"

Brandon Marick
Marketing Director @ Ritual Zero Proof

"By far the best media agency we've ever had the pleasure of working with. In a world full of wasteful agencies that overpromise and underdeliver, Arbitrage is a breath of fresh air. They are the real deal!"

Marco Ballester
Founder @ BoneItUp

"We hired this agency when we were really uncomfortable and not very profitable with our ads and what we were doing. They showed excellence in their structures and communication and delivered fantastic results."

Keely Parsons
CEO @ Sassy Shop Wax

"Pascal is both proactive and reactive, which is key for our business and the stage we are in. He has been a great mentor to the creative team. He always puts the brand objectives first. It's been a pleasure working with him so far and navigating the tricky minefield of paid media together. I wouldn't use anyone else to manage our paid media now, he is like an extension of our team."

Kilian Trenkle
Co-Founder @ FeetUp

"Fast, agile and experienced agency that helps us scale our business in all directions."

Jaret Patterson
Co-Founder @ Respected Roots

"Pascal has been great with targeting ads to our "niche" audience and assisting us in creating new effective ads based on analytics gained from older ad campaigns."

What is Creative Arbitrage and how does it lower my CPA?

Creative ArbitrageTM Protocol
In 2024, it's harder than ever to grow a DTC brand profitably. However, one true best performer creative can literally change your entire business. Our Creative ArbitrageTM Protocol is designed to deliver these 'Bangers' on a regular basis which makes customer acquisition finally profitable and scalable again.
No Time To Waste
Imagine if we start working today; in a week, you'll have 6-9 fresh creative concepts live. 14 to 21 days after your onboarding, it's likely we'll have identified new scalable creatives.
Not An Agency
We are not an agency but rather a collective of passionate marketers that deeply care about our partners' success and only work with a few select clients. Think in-house-communication with the autonomy of an experienced group of experts, that's us.
True Partnerships
Our agency partners call us crazy for our low-commitment terms but we take pride in working hard, delivering real results and building year-long partner- and often friendships. We started this way and will continue like this.
“No Profit, No Pay” Pricing Structure
It was never clear to us why "performance-marketing" agencies charge huge retainers - for lousy results. We want to make us dependent on your performance, so we only profit when you do.

Founder’s note

Pascal at Meta HQ
Hi, I’m Pascal and I’m the founder of Arbitrage Agency.

Over the last 4 years I’ve been hiring and training the best talent I could find to build an elite collective of marketers. What unites us? A deep passion for advertising, a desire to craft the biggest campaigns on the planet and a dedication to growing everyday, professionally and personally.

I never understood why brands worked with unreliable freelancers or big agencies that put juniors on their accounts after a few weeks. Arbitrage is a premium boutique agency that guarantees full focus of 10 senior marketers on just 14 to 17 clients at a time. We’re dynamic, we’re effective but most importantly… we care.
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Creative Arbitrage

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Schedule your FREE 30min Scaling Session with our founder Pascal

By the end of this strategy call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results online with paid social.

Find a time on Pascal's calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking with you soon!